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Brazilian Stretchmark Camouflage

Stretch marks are small lines that appear on the skin in response to a sudden change in weight, pregnancy or growth itself when we were small. These lines that start being pink finish becoming white, becoming an imperfection that makes many women self conscious on their daily life. However, there are many points of view, from those who try to hide them to those who support showing them with total naturalness. It is within the first group where a new trend of beauty has emerged: cover stretchmarks with invisible tattoos.
The camouflage of stretch marks is a Brazilian technique that allows us to apply “permanent makeup” directly on the skin to hide them. When painting the stretchmark, the result is practically an imperceptible stretchmark. The technique is similar to semi-permanent make and microblading where pigment is applied on the skin similar to a tattoo.
Available for men and women, the Stretchmark Camouflage is one of the most sought-after technique as there has never another effective solution against stretchmarks.


  • Long term effect
  • Full coverage of stretchmarks
  • Available for many body areas such as the buttocks, arms, abdomen, legs, chest and back
  • True match skin color to yours

Please call us to book a free consultation. Prices starting at $250

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IMG 20200428 164859
IMG 20200428 165056
IMG 20200428 164814
IMG 20200428 164859IMG 20200428 165056IMG 20200428 164814
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