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Why take your training with Glamour FX?

  Quality training

   Affordable prices

   No prerequisite

   Near your city (training available in our studio in Gatineau or available ONLINE)

   Internationally certified experienced trainer

   Low overhead for you when you become certified ($ 10 - $ 25)

 Very cost effective procedures ($ 50 - $ 150 per client)

Plus, Krystell, our trainer, not only has experience in the world of aesthetics but also holds a university degree and a Masters degree. While she was completing her higher education, she taught at York University and Ottawa University, where she learned how to create content for her students, adapt to different kinds of learning as well as important teaching skills. 


What do we learn with your classes?

We are the only company in Canada offering an exclusive combination of two non-invasive and yet highly efficient techniques of wood sculpting therapy with and intro to Chi Nei Tsang Massage. These techniques developed in Colombia and China and perfected throughout the recent years due to the demand of natural beauty results are now available to you. We understand that there are a wide range of options and prices, however our classes are different because we only take a maximum of 2 students at a time. Even in our online classes, there won't be a crowd and all the attention of our trainer will be focused on your learning. We teach how to do client consultations, how to use the rolls, boards and cups, who is NOT a good candidate for the service, but also we'll prepare you in knowing what happens when your client doesn’t see results, different types of tools, and  how to recognize different types of body fat to know what service to offer.... 




  ✓Indications and contraindications.

  ✓Theory about the use of each element of wood

 ✓ Theory about the use of heat and cold

 ✓ Wrapping techniques

 ✓ Intro to Chi Nei Tsang Taoist Abdominal Massage

 ✓ Oils and work products

 ✓ Movements of each wood tool.

 ✓ Step by step work on legs.

 ✓ Step by step work on glutes.

 ✓ Step by step work in abdomen.

 ✓  Step by step work in arms.

 ✓ Step by step work on face.

 ✓ Step by step work on neck

 ✓ Sanitation

 ✓ Government regulations

 ✓ Business marketing

✓  Business launching

✓  Business insurance

✓  Consent forms

✓  Practice on model (minimum 2 models)

✓  Intensive class available in 1 day (8hrs) or 2 days (6hrs per day)


What’s included in my class?

  ✓    Our starter kit includes: 6 wood sculpting tools, 1 hot cream and 1 massage oil. 

 ✓     A manual

  ✓   Certificate

Great! How do I sign up?

Please call us at 613-413-8358 to book in your appointment. A $100 non-refundable/transferable deposit should be sent at to reserve the date or if payment is done in full through our website, we'll call you on the same day to schedule you in. 

Are there any discounts?

Yes! this is always a great question. We offer 15% off on your second class, and 25% off your third class.