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Eyelash extensions classes: Get beginners and advanced in one!

Eyelash extensions classes: Get beginners and advanced in one!

Duration of the training: 2 days plus
Tuition: $699

In nutshell: We were one of the first companies in Ottawa to provide a comprehensive eyelash training for individuals in and outside the beauty industry. We’ve trained hundreds of stylists and we’ve always guaranteed our students professionalism, actual hands on training, product knowledge (thickness, materials, techniques, adhesives, removers, patches, solutions), lash designs, corrective techniques for double-lid, droopy eyelids, round eyes, asymmetrical eyes etc…


For us at Glamour FX, it is important to ensure that once you leave the class you are able to make a profitable business. For most people that have taken our classes before, they know one of our usual comments at the beginning of the class “this course is only going to be successful if when you leave this class you can actually make money”. Part of our classes is showing you how to start your business. Whether its your first business or your 10th, we always start our classes with an introduction of how to launch your business, government regulations, marketing and business planning, business development and social medial.

Our students get a full kit with everything they need. We don’t believe in “surprise kits” we firmly have confidence in the fact that the kits we give you will be enough for doing over 200 sets of eyelashes and the only thing you’ll need to replace are the disposable materials such as patches, glue rings, brushes, micropore tape and primer applicators. The company that we have been working with not only for ourselves, our valued customers and our students is Temptation Lashes. The reason for that? They are proudly Canadian and all the products are registered with Health Canada. Sold also internationally we are 100% sure that you will be as happy with their products and reliability as we have been over the past 8 years.


  • basic lengths
  • curls D, J, B, CC, D, L
  • growth and eyelash cycles
  • types of eyelash densities
  • health and safety standards
  • client intake forms assessments
  • types of glues
  • types of eyelashes: faux mink, Siberian mink, cashmere flat lashes, silk
  • lashes and volume lashes
  • working with different eyelash extension thicknesses (0.07, .10, .15, .20, .25)
  • using and blending different curls (J, B, C, CC, D, L, L+)
  • product knowledge
  • types of adhesives
  • adhesive ingredients
  • workspace set up
  • sanitation
  • removals
  • pre-service procedures
  • pricing
  • business launching
  • marketing strategies
  • the salon environment
  • the pros-cons of working: mobile, from home and at salons
  • client types
  • retention
  • proven social media use for successful and ethical practices.

Kit includes: 1 remover, 1 glue, 1 straight tweezer, 1 curved tweezer, 10 gel patches, 1 cashmere mix tray, 1 faux C mink mix tray, 1 mix tray in shorter sizes, 1 2tone brown curl,1 sanisticker, 1 pack of brushes, 1 pack of primer applicators, 1 primer, 1 glue primer, 1 lash map, 1 active carbon face mask

Some of the products in the kit are shown in the picture

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