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Kobido – The Facial Massage That Is A Natural Workout To Stop Time

Kobido – the facial massage that is a natural workout to stop time

Kobido massage is known as the natural face lift. This therapy, used by the former Japanese emperors, promises a younger and more careful face without having to go through the operating room.  The kobido massage exercises all areas of the face with alternating fast and slow movements.

It is believed that kobido massage was born in Japan during warrior times. For  the samurai, it seems, it was common to use massaging techniques to the face to calm the mind after arduous battles and strengthen its inner strength.

However, an empress noted that this treatment produced a luminous appearance and that it also calmed the headaches. The sovereign took the idea to the imperial house and thereafter became fashionable among the royals.

The ancient path of beauty today receives the nickname of a modern medicine technique is no accident. The kobido massage is called ‘lifting without cutting’ because it produces a stretching effect on the face ”whose results improve when a frequent session plan is drawn up.

Speed is essential. We drive several speeds, some slow and others fast, to activate circulation, destroy dead cells and promote the production of elastin and collagen. Therefore, the usual kobido massage helps to smooth wrinkles, depending on the type of skin and the depth of wrinkles, and has a rejuvenating effect. It shows from the first session, with the elevation and firmness of the skin, and is enhanced in the medium and long term. The result is a more serene appearance and facial expression. 

Come try it out!

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