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Nail Care

Professional Manicure & Pedicure Training!

In a nutshell: Although nail care and beautification venues have multiplied in recent years, it is still difficult to find expert manicurists who know how to perform this type of treatment correctly. Do you want to be a professional manicurist? With the Glamour FX nail courses you will become the professional demanded by beauty and wellness centers and manicure studios. Plus with our personalized classes you have the option of choosing what you want to learn or upgrade in the nail care world!

Traditional Manicure and Pedicure Training


Unit 1: Biological, anatomical and physiological structures of nails

Unit 2: Hygiene, tools and sanitation

Unit 3: Nail and grooming techniques

Unit 4: Fundamentals in pedicure and manicure

Basic knowledge
Manicure discipline
Generic hand treatments
Paraffin treatments
Nail Design
Enamel technique

Pedicure discipline
Generic foot treatments
Paraffin treatments
Nail Design
Enameling techniques

Duration of the Class: 2 days (1 or 2 models needed)
Tuition: $569
Kit incl.

Gel OR Acrylic Nail Classes OR Dip Nails

Sanitation and hygiene
Nail anatomy
Nail Disorders
Cuticle check
Gel or Acrylic Application
If taking Gel classes you will learn LED gel and UV gel
If taking Acrylic you will learn colored and plain acrylic
Sculpted technique and nail tips for both
Nails’ products explanation and classification

Electric filing and manual filing
Reverse technique
Polishing crosscheck

Duration of the Class: 1 day (1 model needed)
Tuition: $350
Kit incl.

Nail Art Specialization

Acrylic nail enhancements: rhinestones, pearls, striping tape, studs, bullion beads fimos, incrustations, glitters..etc

3D designs: flowers, ribbons, stars, leaves, roses, etc…

free hand nail art

dotting techniques

Introduction to Bell nails, aquarium nails and stiletto nails

Marble art

French art


Intro to KONAD

Duration of the Class: 1 day (no models needed)
Tuition: $389


At Glamour FX we have developed a curriculum geared for people that want to start in the beauty industry as well as people that are looking to refresh their skills. There are no requirements for taking this training as our classes are private classes and that allows us to focus on your learning and skill acquisition. Whether you are new to the beauty industry or you’re looking to add a new service don’t hesitate to contact us!

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