Will I be given after care instructions after my service?

Absolutely! We have especially made after care sheets that we will go over with you after your service. It is extremely important for us to ensure that your service is successful and for that, it is crucial that you are familiar with how to take care of your skin or eyelashes.

Why do I have to sign a consent form?

As an insured salon, we are required by our insurance provider that all clients that receive treatments or services from us fill out and sign a consent form. At the same time, we have included in each consent form important information and a detailed description of the service so that all information pertaining the beauty treatment that you are interest in is available to you.

How do you protect my privacy and information?

Glamour FX is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information that you may provide to us. Should any personal information be collected, our commitment is to explain what information may be collected and why, how it will be used and who may have access to it. We will not share any personal information you provide to us with any other organization unless you tell us to do so. Any collected information may be reviewed and updated and/or corrected upon your request.

What type of products do you use?

We are committed to service excellence and top quality services. We don’t just work with one specific brand as we are proud to offer you the very best services and products available in the market. For our eyelash extensions we work with Temptation Lashes as it has the specific products and quality that meet our needs and that of our clients. For the rest of our services please don’t hesitate in asking our salon manager so that we can give you the information you request.

Could I develop an allergic reaction to your products?

Patch tests are an important part of our salon practices. However, allergies are often unknown and sometimes developed over time. In the event of any skin reactions — like irritation, rashes, or allergies – please consult your physician immediately. All our consent forms include a section about allergies and we kindly ask you to fill it out to the best of your knowledge to avoid any unwanted reaction.

What type of hygiene methods do you use to sanitize your salon?

At Glamour FX the safety and health of both our guests and staff is a top priority and of utmost importance. We have sought out the very best in safe hygiene practices so that we can meet and comply the strict Health Canada and City of Ottawa regulations, and of course! Your expectations about sanitation. All metal and re-usable instruments MUST, by law, be sanitized and disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant. Whenever possible, we use disposable instruments to ensure your safety. These tools are then immediately disposed of or can be taken home with you after your service. All surfaces and stations are completely wiped down and disinfected between each guest and each person is always provided with clean, fresh towels/sheets and new examination paper on each bed.

What type of training does your technicians have?

All our technicians are fully trained in the services that they offered. Mastering the techniques they advertise is a must for our salon and they are required to provide us with a minimum of 120 hours of practical time before even seeing a paying customer. The certificates of each technician is proudly displayed in our salon and it is available to you.

How many years of experience do you have?

As we mentioned in our About us section, we are one of Ottawa’s pioneers in eyelash extensions and European beauty treatments. Our aestheticians have a minimum of 4 years experience doing eyelashes and a minimum of 120 hours of practice before seeing our valued customers. We also have a portfolio of our staff’s work so that you can see the artistry and quality that Glamour FX proudly provides.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

There are no refunds on services, unless otherwise determined by Management. There are no cash/credit back refunds. If Management determines that compensation is appropriate, the Client will receive an in house gift card for an estimated dollar amount.

Are there any promotions for your training classes?

At Glamour FX we invest in top quality training for our staff and we provide some of the largest and most competitive kits for each class. We don’t believe in small kits as we want you to get the full experience of using all the available tools and within a professional environment. We don’t cut corners into quality materials, selection of products, uniforms and manuals because we value your time and your investment with us. For that reason, unless otherwise specified during a specific promotion we run we don’t offer discounts on taking multiple classes.

Do you offer classes on weekends?

Normally we close on Sundays however, when we have out of province students or international students we do our best to accommodate them and Saturday-Sunday classes are possible.

Will I get certified after I take training with you?

Yes! After successful completion of your class, we will provide you with feedback on the areas that we believe you should improve in order to maintain the standards of training that we have at Glamour FX. A certificate will be issued to you. In the event that you could not pick up your certificate we will gladly mail it to you. If you loose your certificate, we will issue another certificate for a fee. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do your classes come with a kit?

All our classes at Glamour FX come with a kit, a manual as well as a uniform that will be provided to you at the beginning of the class.

Could I come to the salon to practice after I’ve taken my classes with you?

We have plenty of experience in teaching and we have developed techniques to ensure that each student learns and masters the skills needed with each class. However, we do understand that sometimes further training is needed. If you need supervised training please review our hourly rates as specified in your registration form. For any consultation that you might have that does not require physical supervision, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group where all questions and feedback could be addressed with your trainer for FREE. Also, you can always contact at no cost to you us by email or phone if you have any questions.