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Relaxation Massage Training

Relaxation massage training: A combination of hot stone massage and Indian head massage

Duration of the class: 2 days
Tuition: $599

In a nutshell: The combination of the hot stone massage or geothermal therapy combines the traditional therapeutic massage with the application on the skin of stones at different temperatures, to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders. The Indian head massage is a very pleasant craniofacial massage on face, head, neck, upper back, shoulders and arms, helping to overcome insomnia, being very beneficial to minimize migraines and relieve tension.

The combination of both helps the customer experience not only a relaxing experience but rather merge two ancient traditions into a full well-being session. When the East meets the West in their natural therapeutic techniques we find that a union of knowledge compliments itself and achieves major benefits for the customers.

Indian Head Massage works in areas affected by mental and emotional stress. In Western culture today we spend a lot of our time in our heads, so this treatment can really help calm the mind and is deeply relaxing surprisingly.This technique can be performed without oils, with the patient sitting and dressed, so that it is ideally suited for practice in workplaces or in a situation where it may not be appropriate or possible to massage the entire body.


At Glamour FX we have developed a curriculum geared for people that want to start in the beauty industry as well as people that are looking to refresh their skills. There are no requirements for taking this training as our classes are private classes and that allows us to focus on your learning and skill acquisition. Whether you are new to the beauty industry or you’re looking to add a new service don’t hesitate to contact us!

Meanwhile Hot Stone massage or Geothermal therapy allows the therapeutic massage to be combined with the use of cold and hot stones – locating them at the points where these chakras are located – thus ensuring that the energy flows properly and, consequently, relieving our discomfort. Without forgetting that many of the stones used are of volcanic origin which, in addition to improving the flow of our own energy, our body will receive energy from the earth.


  • Basic understanding of the principles of massage
  • Basic understanding of when it is safe and when it is not safe to perform a massage
  • To feel comfortable performing basic massage techniques on various parts of the body
  • Principles of the Indian head massage
  • Principles of the Western approach of massages
  • Massage techniques
  • Massage products oils and hot stone
  • Theory and practical of back massage
  • Theory and practical of head massage
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Consent forms
  • Insurance
  • Government regulations
  • Social media
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