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Temptation Lashes Encourages The Practice Of Safe Eyelash Extensions Sets

Temptation Lashes encourages the practice of Safe Eyelash Extensions Sets

Running and managing a salon is a dream job to do for a large number of women around the world. But managing it successfully can sometimes be a test of the nerves especially in an eyelash extensions salon. You have to maintain all the health and hygiene standards set by the higher authorities. Eyelash extension products and eyelash extension supplies require due care and sanitation. A healthy environment for your salon staff and customers will add significant amount of value to the reputation to your salon and will attract more and more customers. It is to be known that running an “eyelash extensions” salon requires several hygiene measures to be taken to assure the clients that their health is the top priority.
Temptation Lashes in Ottawa offers eyelash extension classes along with eyelash extension supplies and eyelash extension products to the honorable customers. The eyelash extension classes we offer at Temptation Lashes include the sanitation procedures that the city authorities recommend. However, it is also advisable to check with the city authorities to assure that the health measures taken by your eyelash extensions salon are as per the prescribed criteria.
Tips for Salon Sanitation Procedures:
Here we are also providing you some valuable tips that can be really helpful for your salon business and with these tips you can keep your eyelash extension products and equipment germs free.
Always wash your tools with warm water and soap and dry them with either paper towel or dryer, before using them.
Alcohol can also be used for sanitization purposes of your tools and equipment. If you are using alcohol for cleaning purposes always make sure that alcohol is 70% and you have soaked the equipment horizontally in alcohol for at least 20-30 minutes.
You should use hand sanitizer before and after using the eyelash extension products.
You should always have test strips in your hand to make sure that the hydrogen peroxide based product is still functioning, if you are working with Accel.
Wear mask in winter to avoid spreading flu.
Keeping the salon surfaces clean is not only good for the reputation of the salon but it is also good for the health of your staff and yourself too. You can use Lysol wipes, accel wipes, bleach or any other effective surface cleaner.
Wear gloves but avoid latex gloves as most people are allergic to latex material. Also, dispose them properly after using them and avoid reuse of gloves.
These are some tips that will not only add some noticeable amount of value to the reputation of your salon but they will also ensure the health of your clients, staff and most importantly, yours. A hygienic environment is very vital for eyelash extension supplies and eyelash extension products because they are supposed to be used close to the eyes and we all know that eyes are the most sensitive part of a human body. Make sure you have a clean and hygienic environment in your salon and that is in your own interest.

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