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Why choose us?

Being a Glamour FX customer means sharing the vision of a world-wide beauty experience available in Ottawa. This adventure began 9 years ago at Krystell’s former salon where many of the values, professionalism and services diversity made them one of Ottawa’s most popular salon for training (we used to train students for microblading, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, massage, nail care and waxing) and we had a clientele of over 4000 customers only for eyelash extensions services. In this new adventure, Glamour FX comes with a renewed and fresh vision in the ultimate beauty services and offering a better customer experience. We’ve changed our branding to ensure that the service you receive meets international standards of quality with a warm local touch.

why choose us
why choose us 2

Meet Jessica!

Jessica has been working along side Krystell for the past 4 years ago. After moving to Ottawa from Toronto she decided to focus on beauty as she discovered more and more beauty services that allowed her to be part of many women’s lives and get a smile from many customers. She realized she enjoyed the rewarding feeling of helping customers get a confidence boost after giving them an excellent beauty treatment, or simply help them achieve the look that they had in mind. Jessica is a big part of the Glamour FX brand as she and Krystell have developed the solid foundation of professionalism and friendship to better your experience with us. Always greeting customers with her signature smile and sincere voice, Jessica continues to offer amazing beauty services always putting all her attention to detail and care for listening to the customer’s needs.

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